AGL Damper Principle

The damper prinicple works adaptively and provides for optimum contact between tires and road in reversal points.


Funding: undisclosed*
German Patent: DE102012208684
Monetization: undisclosed*
Yield: 153%


Single important processes of the value-added chain have been tested in various projects under real time conditions prior to the CrowdPatent Public Beta Phase. In this regard, all steps from the invention to the successful monetization of the invention "AGL Damper Principle" of the inventor Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit have been successfully accomplished. The return for the inventor and the supporters was as high as 150%.

Success Story

Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit is head of workshop of Europe's leading manufacturer of truck trailers. In his spare time Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit is passionate inventor. His extensive technical education, as well as his long standing professional experience support him when making processes easier, increasing power savings, reducing manufacturing costs, making it easier to handle of complex technical objects. 
Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit invented a damper principle for shock absorbers which, inter alia, 
  • allows for a better steering in normal operation, 
  • enables an optimized steering under extreme stress of the damping, 
  • stresses the shock absorber mounting less, 
  • reduces wear (crash, crack) of neighboring components, 
  • optimizes breaking properties, 
  • optimizes tire wear, 
  • can be upgraded easily, 
  • increases traveling comfort for driver and load significantly, and 
  • reduces fuel consumption. 
 The damper principle works depending on requirements of the chassis self-adapting. In the reversal points of the direction, an optimum contact between tires and road is achieved when compressing or rebounding. 
Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit contacted Crowd patent at an early stage because he was convinced of the benefits of his invention. Nevertheless he neither had free financial resources for setting up a patent application, nor he had a network of potential buyers. 
CrowdPatent offered the invention to a small circle of private Funders to invest in the patent application. However, even before the actual patent application came to life, the invention already got acquired from an industrial buyer out of the network. The industrial buyer recognized the enormous potential of the invention and wanted to use it for himself. Although the value of the deal was agreed on not to be disclosed, the return for the inventor and his supporters were above 150%. The buyer immediately reported the invention for a patent which got issued in January 2015 (DE102012208684).
Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit is convinced of the CrowdPatent principle, because the inventor enjoys a favorable possibility of monetizing his invention without the expense and risk. Two other inventions of Ansgar Gözze-Leifheit are currently being prepared by him to become campaigns for CrowdPatent.
*by NDA